Whether you are heading to LEGOLAND Florida for one day or for the entire weekend there are a few things that may help you make the most of your trip. Instead of just meandering through the park aimlessly here is a simple plan for making the most and saving money at LEGOLAND! 

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The Best Things To Do at LEGOLAND Florida

1. Get Your Kids Schooled in Driving

I suggest heading LEGO City first thing upon entering LEGOLAND. This area is all about driving boats, cars and planes. Being in control of a moving vehicle is popular with the kids, so the lines get very long as the day progresses.

Boating School – This cute ride allows kids to captain their own mini-boat. 

Flying School – This one is a suspended coaster.

Ford Driving School – The kids need to obey the road rules and stop at the red lights here. My son felt very grown up attending the driving “class” and driving around realistic streets with red lights and stop signs. This one is for ages 6-13. There is a separate Ford Junior Driving School for ages 3-5, which is where my daughter learned her new skills.

They were both thrilled to earn their very own driver’s licenses. 

2. Train to Be A Ninja

The newest addition to LEGOLAND is NINJAGO World, which opened in 2017.this land is all about sharpening your ninja skills. There are various outdoor activities, a huge LEGO structure with a huge pit of legos for the kids to add to, but the highlight is LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. On this new ride, you will use your ninja hand moves to blast animated fireballs, lightning and more at 3D villains. 


3. Be Sure To Get Wet
The Quest for CHI ride is a good way for a mid-day cool off. Or take a walk through the Duplo Splash Pad. And strategically find your way passing through the misting areas as you walk to your next attraction!

The easiest way to cool off at the LEGOLAND is to spend some time at the LEGOLAND Water Park! My kids love the wave pool full of large floating LEGOS, waterslides for all aged kids and a huge splash and play area.

If you choose to stay at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Hotel you will have extra opportunity to have a LEGO themed water experience. 

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4. Take Your Time in Miniland
This area will leave you in awe the first time you take an unexpected turn intoit! You will walk through mini versions of famous US landmarks of Washington D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, Key West and so on- all made of LEGOS. Be warned, you can spend a lot of time here looking at all the tiny details.

5. Walk Through Cypress Gardens

Don’t skip this beautiful garden in the back of the theme park. It is kind of hidden, making it a great way to escape the crowds and direct sunlight. Plus the kids will enjoy looking at the wildlife and flowers.  

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Tips To Help You Save Money at LEGOLAND Florida

1. Stay at a LEGOLAND Hotel
Typically choosing to stay at a luxury hotel is not a cost-saving strategy,however, at LEGOLAND Florida it is a good option for saving money and gaining an extra special experience. There are two hotels at LEGOLAND Florida: The LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. The hotels often offer special rates which include tickets. Hotel guests also receive a delicious free breakfast buffet, special LEGO playtimes, quick access by walkway or bus to the park entrance and early access to LEGOLAND so you save time by missing some lines!

2. Take the Shuttle if staying in Orlando. 
You may want to add a day at LEGOLAND to your Orlando vacation. Instead of renting a car, reserve tickets on the LEGOLAND Shuttle. 

3. Bring Snacks and an Empty Water Bottle
One of my favorite LEGOLAND Florida money saving tips is to bring your own snacks – LEGOLAND is awesome to allow you to bring in food. The LEGOLAND website says small square coolers, bottled water, snacks, and other foods that do not require refrigeration are allowed. Thanks to a very friendly staff member, I found out on my last visit that the big red Coca-Cola machines have a button where you can get FREE ice Cold Water, which is why we bring empty bottles to fill up all day. 

4. Buy Tickets Online in Advance
You save money by buying LEGOLAND tickets online in advance from the LEGOLAND website. Be sure to buy them more than 7 days in advance for the biggest savings. This way you can get tickets for adults as low as $74 plus tax or $67 plus tax for kids 3-12.