Cruising from Florida Ports

We love to cruise because it gives us the opportunity to visit multiple places in a short amount of time while keeping all our stuff in one spot. A family friendly cruise line also gives us all the chance to enjoy our own version of vacation by providing activities specific for everyone’s age. Making the most of a cruise comes with experience or at least following some advice from the seasoned cruiser. We have been on 18 cruises (4 of them with kids) so we want to share some tips and general information that we have learned over the years. 

family cruise from Florida cruise port

For those of you wondering if one can you really enjoy a cruise with a toddler and a baby, the answer is YES!  I think that Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas is one of the best family friendly vacations for all ages! This is by far my favorite ship. We have taken… READ MORE

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What You Need To Know About the Royal Caribbean Labadee Cabanas Rental

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Dragon’s Breath Flight is an amazing cruise excursion in Labadee, Haiti + see our video of our first flight

I love Royal Caribbean cruises for many reasons. But I especially love when I take a RCL cruise that stops at their private island of Labadee in Haiti. The [...]

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Cruising with kids aboard the Carnival Victory

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Cruise with kids: Allure of the Seas is the perfect family vacation

We found the perfect ship for young kids  As we prepare for another cruise with our kids I wanted to post about our previous family cruises.  [...]