detox tea by Skinny Jane
Big thanks to Skinny Jane for providing me with free samples.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Start the new year with an effective detox

I believe that a good detox and diet cleanse is great to do every few months. But the start of a new year is the absolute perfect time to kick start my healthy habits, recover from all the holiday splurges and set the road for keeping my health and fitness goals for the year. I love to start my days with a warm beverage. Did you know that drinking something warm will calm you down and help you feel full? I usually opt for a freshly brewed cup of coffee but then again I also love a nice flavorful hot tea. So when I saw that Skinny Jane offered a Detox and Cleansing tea I had to incorporate this into my New Year diet. 

Zero calories, no artificial sweeteners, and a great tasting way to start your day

detox tea by Skinny Jane

TKO diet tea contains 7 natural ingredients that helps with metabolic functions

Wu Yi Oolong Tea has been proven to increase the metabolic rate by up to 20-25%.

Aged Puerh Tea helps your body eliminate hard to digest fat and increases the speed of digestion.

Licorice root helps to reduce body fat as well as easing your cravings for sugar and controlling your appetite. 

Dandelion root increases the ability for fats in food to be processed as well as helps you to lose excess water weight.

Ginger is a thermogenic agent that helps aid in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Ginger also suppresses your appetite altogether.

Chickweed aids in appetite control as well as increasing metabolism.

Lemon Grass reduces bad cholesterol and cuts down the fats in your body while controlling cellulite formation.

Currently, they offer two flavors: mint and peach. I personally love the mint taste the most. Learn more about this tea or purchase it online at

detox tea by Skinny Jane


Do you have a favorite brand of tea? Share in the comments. I love trying new drinks!