What is a cupful all about?

In short, “A cupful” is a website and blog about our life as parents living our passions and purpose: travel, marketing and fitness.

We are both Marketing professionals who decided to take our years of professional experience to build a business of freelancing. Check out our very affordable Marketing services  here. 

Mandy is also travel writer and certified travel planner. Travel is her passion.

Josh is an artist and fitness enthusiast who has a personal story of great weightless and lean muscle gain, check out his story here soon.


Can you help me plan a trip?

Absolutely! I go in depth about how I became a travel agent in this post. My specialties are Florida travel, cruises and All Inclusive Resorts. And if you live in Florida or travel to Florida alot, you should join our Florida Family Travel Club! 

Can you get me a free hotel room, tickets or trips?

Yes! If you enter and win one of my trip giveaways or if you join our Florida Family Travel Club you will have deeply discounted vacations when you travel with the group.
I can also get you discounted rates at a few of my favorite hotels from time. I’ll be announcing more about this soon, so stay tuned.

Will you give me specific advice for what I should do when I visit ______(insert Florida town, Disney or a cruise) ?

Yes! I am in the process of publishing travel guides for all of my favorite cruises, Florida cities, Caribbean destinations and DISNEY!  If there are any travel guides that you would like me to add to the list, please tell me in the comments below.  If you want help booking or planning out a vacation, my travel services are affordable!

Do you do trip giveaways for your readers?

Yes! My favorite kind of brand partnerships are those that offers a trip or tickets to my followers too.  This brand and opportunity will get promoted heavily on all my social media channels becaus e they are not only lending me to experience their brand but allowing me to share with my readers first hand.  ***My dream Brand Partnership is to have a FAM trip offered to my Florida Family Travel Club-so if you are a brand open to this opportunity, let’s talk asap!***

If you are a brand, here’s how it works: if your hotel or attraction is within a 2 hour drive of me (I live in Fort Myers, FL), then I will come visit your property on a sunny day. I would love to take a tour, experience the highlights and hear about your offerings. I take my own photography to use for publication but will be happy to share your collateral in my posts and reviews. If your hotel or attraction is not within 2 hours driving distance, then we need to arrange an overnight stay. I do not promote any hotel or attraction or restaurant that I haven’t personally experienced because I only use my own content and photography, plus that would be deceitful to my readers and clients.  I write 1 post on the experience and 1 on the actual giveaway.  Then it will be promoted on all social media channels and any forums that I am active in at the time. While I am touring the hotel or attraction I will live tweet and instagram as well. Currently I do not charge for any of the promotions (lots of other bloggers do), but that may change at some point.


Can you design a logo for my business or personal brand?
Most definitely-check here for more information! Josh is not only a graphic designer but a digital artist. He enjoys drawing custom designs freehand first then turning them into a graphic.  And creating typography is another favorite of his, so your lettering can be original.  From simple to complex we can come up with the logo, icon or any other graphic that will help define your brand.  We also offer quick turn around on collateral production from business cards to brochures and even party invites!

Do you have time to help me with my social media?
Yes, this is Mandy’s favorite thing to do! Social Media is not just about followers, it is about engagement and build an online presence which increases your brand’s SEO! Check out our levels of social media management services and find the one that fits your needs. Let’s grow your online presence!


Do you accept guest posts?

Sometimes. We don’t accept random guest posts from people/companies who are just trying to get links back to their site. We also don’t post other people’s unsolicited content. And all guest post will always relate to our passion (travel) or purpose(marketing).

Do you do sponsored blog posts?

Sometimes. If there is a brand that fits within our niche, then I occasionally accept sponsored posts. But ONLY if it’s already a brand that I would recommend any way. For me to want to work with a brand, it has to have some sort of  parenting, family or travel aspect to it.

Do you review products, clothes or accessories on your blog?

Yes with a but. Yes we will review your product/service/location but it must relate to our life of parenting, fitness or travel. If it fits within one of those areas then we are happy to consider it – BUT – there needs to be something in it for my readers, so I’m usually on the look out for opportunities that involve insider/behind the scene look at a location/attraction or product giveaways. We do NOT review products in exchange for travel or marketing service discounts. And we give honest reviews using our own photos and content.

Will you write for free for my website?

No, I will for a small fee though.  We can discuss the possible opportunity to collaborate in some way.

Do you have a media kit?

We are in the progress of completing it.  So it is coming soon!