suicide squad things to know in theater aug 5th and on GMA monday

Our family is excited for August 5th because we will be the first in the theater to watch Suicide Squad. 

Be sure to watch ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday when the entire squad will be talking live!

Three things you need to know to prepare for the “worst heroes ever.”

  1. You should get caught up with the DC Cinematic Universe by watching Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

2. This isn’t your grandfather’s version of Joker.  You may be very surprised by this interpretation, so stay open-minded!

3 Don’t go to this moving wanting to see the iconic superheroes.  This is about the bad guys.  Possibly characters you are not familiar with will be leads in the movie.


Now, watch the newly released Suicide Squad footage that was revealed at Comic Con 2016. 



BuSuicide Squad in theaters Aug 5th-Acupful-Mandy Cartery

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