5 things you should do today to improve your LinkedIn profile:

I must admit that until recently, LinkedIn was a social media platform that I only used for a job search.  I ignored my LinkedIn Profile until I was looking for job opportunities.  This is a mistake that I am sure many people make.  The obvious problem with my former approach was that I didn’t spend time building up my connections which would be able to assist me in my job search.  But the greatest mistake I made was treating my profile as a resume.

My opinion of LinkedIn has matured over the past year as I learned the value an individual as well as a brand can gain from using this massive social network as it is intended.  I am not going to go into a the benefits that are wrapped into LinkedIn.  Instead I want to focus on how you can consider updating a few simple things on your profile to maximize the potential it provides.  I took screenshots from my LinkedIn profile as examples.

1.  Add a professional head shot to your LinkedIn profile.  The ultimate LinkedIn no-no is having no kind of photo representing yourself.  The second no-no is having an unprofessional photo. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site.  This is not the place to present yourself with a selfie, cropped out of a group party shot, or something completely inappropriate for your industry.  Consider looking into having a professional photographer take some simple head shots.

how to improve your LinkedIn profile today acupful.com

2.  Take advantage of your LinkedIn headline space.  This headline automatically updates with your current job title.  But this is valuable realty space on your profile and needs to be maximized! Instead of Financial Account Manager you can change your heading to say “Customer focused Account Manager bringing innovation to payments”  Or if your role is like mine and covers a variety of tasks in a number of areas then consider using strong keywords that describe your daily goals.

3.  Personalize your LinkedIn summary.  This is the part of your profile where you sell yourself.    Do not use this space to repeat your work experience.  A successful LinkedIn summary makes people want to get to know more about you. Also use this section to indicate your skills with keywords. 

how to improve your LinkedIn profile today acupful.com

4.  Have your contact information easy to find on LinkedIn.   This is a professional networking site.  Be easy to connect with.  There is a Contact area in your profile, so make sure you ave completed that section.  It is amazing how many people skip this part.  But do not stop there; it is recommended to share your most favored way for people to reach you by including it in your summary.

how to improve your LinkedIn profile today acupful.com

5.  Pay attention to your endorsed skills.  I once thought these were so stupid.  After all I had a few people endorse me for things that there is no way they knew I did well.  But I figured that there had to be a reason for the developers to add them to everyone’s profile, so I set out to find the answer.  And the answer is one that quickly changed my opinion of endorsements.   These words are an important factor in LinkedIn’s search ranking algorithm.  Which means that the endorsements assist in determining the order that people show up in searches. I will dive into greater detail in another post and provide tips for helping increase your chance of getting found through keyword searches on LinkedIn.

how to improve your LinkedIn profile today acupful.com

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform. I hope your profile looks better and your name starts showing up in more search results after these updates.  Check back for more posts on how you can successfully use the word’s largest professional network to get a job, make a sell and build a brand!  Connect with me and start a conversation!



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