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Transitioning to a location independent lifestyle

I am happy to have the freedom to work from anywhere and for the most part, I can work anytime of the day. The funny thing is, I have always had this freedom but somehow never realized it.

Location independent- living and working wherever one chooses.

 While working my full-time marketing job, I started a small lifestyle blog in 2014 with sponsored posts and affiliate links while also taking on some occasional side projects. Then in 2016 I decided to bite the bullet and build my own freelance marketing & writing business after realizing that climbing the corporate ladder was getting me nowhere I wanted to be, I was not actually spending the quality time with my kids that I wanted and I was in no way getting to experience life as I had dreamed because a job had me tied down. 

I guess I am “rejecting” a normal life in pursuit of the freedom of time to live the lifestyle we desire. I now try to live a life full of fun family moments, new experiences and lots of travel to see new things and meet new people.

When did I decide to change my life

It took a slap- no kick- in the face to knock me out of the 8-to-5  fog I had lived so long in. It is at a low spot that you are able to see things much clearer. I was let go from a job I loved and worked hard to get. I watched all my hours, efforts and family sacrifices get pushed out the door for no wrongdoing on my part. It was in that defeated moment that I realized my American Dream was nothing more than an expectation of tradition. A tradition that was not personally satisfying and all around a hindrance to living a life of my own. So it was during that week that I decided that this “career” expectation many like myself are raised with was one I did not need to meet.

Once I realized this, new possibilities began popping up everywhere. It is amazing what you see when nothing is covering your eyes. And where you can go when no one is pulling you in one straight direction. To me, this is what it means to be location independent.

The moment I decided to live authentically-a cupful of carters

For now, I am just building up my remote work.

There are so many variations of how to live a location independent lifestyle. As much as I would love to be digital nomads on an around the world trip, it’s not realistic for my situation as a single mom. For now, I am diligently building up my remote work so that I can travel, play and explore with my kids, family and friends.  

Why I Decided to Exit The “Rat Race”?


The crazy thing about the rat race is that I did not realize I was in it until I made the conscious decision to leave it. For most of us who have been raised in the United States, this is so deeply ingrained in us that we rarely stop to even question whether there is another way. Habits like long commutes, 30 minute rushed lunches, meeting about meetings that do not include time to rest or family time or even fresh air have become a way of life that can seem like an overwhelming challenge for change. But when you consider the reasons to change, it all becomes clear.

  • Life is too short to not enjoy each day.
  • I was tired of not having control of my time and income.
  • I’ve sacrificed too many moments with my kids.
  • My success was controlled by others.
  • I have wasted so much time commuting.
  • I watched for years less qualified people get the promotions.
  • If I died today, I would not have seen or done 1/4 of the things I desire.
  • And way too much emphasis is put on material things instead of moments with people.

Do you fill your cup with intention?

I hope to inspire you to live more authentically, try new things, and encourage you to think about your dreams. It may even make you consider making drastic and scary decisions. Read about my moment here.

But if your thoughts get this far, then mostly likely you are longing to have more in life than what you are doing now. You may be like me, ready to stop working all day on someone else’s schedule for someone else’s dream. You may have a dream that you are not working towards. I challenge you to do something different. Even if it is changing your coffee or use a new cup. Life is messy and dreams are real. Embrace it all. Breathe it all in. Experience life – don’t just walk through it.

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