Thank you, Ninja, for the wonderful Ninja Coffee Bar. While I did receive this product as a sponsorship, my review, obsession with coffee and opinions are my own.

My coffee maker died

I have had a Keurig one cup brewing system for about 5 years now. It was on its last leg, literally. I had to unplug it every day in order for it to work. I love my coffee even more now that I work from home, so replacing my coffee maker was a big decision. It proved to be more difficult than I had imagined with so many choices. So many well reputable brands from the popular Keurig to the cool Latissima and the loyal Cuisanarts. But after months of looking at my options, I ended up going with one of my favorite appliance brands: Ninja. I have the Ninja Blender, Ninja Cooking System, and Ninja Duo Bowl, so why not add a coffee system to that collection?

Ninja coffee system

Why I Love the Ninja Coffee Bar System

Honestly, it was tough deciding to move away from the single serve pod system that I had grown to love. But change is my friend and I was ready for something new. You can read all about the many features of this coffee machine here. I have used the Ninja Coffee Bar daily since receiving it, so I want to share my favorite features:

Brewing sizes – Since I have come to love having lots of options, this coffee system definitely is a win. The Ninja Coffee Bar has six brew sizes:  cup, XL cup travel mug, XL travel mug, 1/2 carafe and carafe. I did not know just how much I would love having this many brew sizes, but it is fantastic!
Ninja coffee system

Brewing for dummies – I don’t think I am a dummy but my brain seems to not remember small facts like how much coffee grinds or water I need for a carafe of coffee. Luckily Ninja has done a great job making it a nonissue. The removable water reservoir is marked with the exact amount of water needed for each brew size. And this Ninja Coffee System comes with a measuring spoon that is marked with the needed amount of grinds per brewing size. Easy peasy, no worries on those moving slow mornings.

ICED Coffee – My husband loves iced coffee because “normal coffee makes him too hot” when he drinks it. No more watered down iced coffee or waiting for a brew to cool down. Just select fill the cup with ice, add any creamer or milk and use the Ninja over ice button. It cold brews a perfect cup of iced coffee!
Ninja coffee system

No drip – I cannot stand for the coffee to keep dripping after I removed my cup. Ninja thought of that too, and added a Drip Stop that prevents that from happening.

Fancy drinks at home –  Rich concentrated coffee, layered blend or frothy topping. This coffee maker can do it.
Ninja coffee system


So I am happy with my new coffee maker. No regrets about throwing out my single pod friend. The Ninja Coffee Bar is easy to use, gives so many brewing options that turn out great and is made with high quality. If you are looking for a new coffee maker I would say that this one is worth your consideration.
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