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#PlayWithPlaymobil Imaginative play is part of learning | Mandy Carter

I believe that is important for kids to be kids and to have plenty of hours of play time. Play develops many cognitive and emotional skills by using their imagination and creativity. One of the biggest challenges raising children today is the amount of time they spend in front of screens, whether it is  the TV, video games, computer, tablet, etc. It is a huge part of society and day to day life for all ages, so encouraging playtime is important. 

Introducing kids to the right toys can be a bigger part of the challenge since options or practically endless! I was recently re-introduced to PLAYMOBIL toys. Do you remember these toys from your childhood? They are a classic toy that can now be found at your local Walmart at a great price!

#PlayWithPlaymobil Imaginative play is part of learning | Mandy Carter

What I loved about PLAYMOBIL as a kid are the same reasons I love the toys as a mom! They are high-quality toys that have such attention to detail, and are made to last through years, even decades of play.

The detail and realism of the toys bring out so much creativity and imagination from both my 4 year old daughter and 7 year old son. They have had endless hours of fun through authentic play play time. 

Interested in PLAYMOBIL toys. Hover over the image below to shop for them yourself.


How to Encourage Creativity & Imagination Through Play

#PlayWithPlaymobil Imaginative play is part of learning | Mandy Carter

Have the right toys for bringing out creativity and imagination
Since my son is really into doctors and currently discussing community helpers at school, I brought home the PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ambulance for him and since my daughter just started school I thought the PLAYMOBIL School Bus would interest her the most. I was right! As a mom, when you overhear the conversations and adventures taking place with the toys in the next room you know you have provided the perfect toy for expanding imaginations and building their creative side. PLAYMOBIL brings you imaginative play sets focused around iconic figures from a variety of worlds, both realistic (police, firemen, etc.) and fantastical (modern day dinos).

#PlayWithPlaymobil Imaginative play is part of learning | Mandy Carter

A place to play
Provide your child with the space to play creatively. It could be a separate room , a corner of a room or even just a cleared off table. It needs to be a space where they can takeover for an hour or a day.  The imaginative play area should be changed regularly with different props and toys to keep children stimulated by it.

Give your kids the freedom to really enjoy playing
There is a time and a place for structured play but there is great value in letting them create their own version of playing. Just give them the time to play how they want…you will see their creativity, happiness and energy soar!

#PlayWithPlaymobil Imaginative play is part of learning | Mandy Carter

I truly believe that kids should be allowed to be kids!  In our world today, we get caught up in our schedules of activity after activity that we forget to have fun. Encouraging our children to play creatively and have fun exploring their imagination will develop their skills and help them build healthy relationships in life. You can start this learning process by buying the right toys.

Have you seen the PLAYMOBIL toys at Walmart yet? I found them on the end of one of the toy aisles. There are so many cool sets to choose from –a realistic ambulance and firetruck to a fantasy dino set and the perfect gift for the young child on your holiday list that will provide them with hours of fun and creative learning through play.  Visit this social hub for great #PlayWithPlaymobil inspiration!