Are you a Real Estate Agent who is not using social media as part of your marketing strategy?
Social Media strategy for Realtors is Important!

Of all the realtors I have been lucky to know and become friends with I must say they are some of the best face to face networkers.  But I have noticed a trend that though real estate agents have mastered the art of face to face interactions they are unfamiliar with all the benefits of being active on a number of social media channels.  Taking the networking skills online allows a more consistent form of engagement with customers as well as provides a way to reach a large number of people quickly and consistently.

Social media tips for realtors-a-cupful-Mandy-Carter


In order to boost your real estate marketing efforts you need to get social online! (Tweet Tweet: In order to boost your real estate marketing efforts you need to get social online! @TheMandyCarter This)

6 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents to Boost Marketing Efforts

  1. Do not use your personal accounts to engage and promote your business.  To be taking serious as a professional, set up a Facebook Page, Instagram account, twitter, and so forth specifically for your realty services. 
  2. Be consistent. A key part of social media marketing is staying active.  You need to post daily on all of your social media channels.
  3. Show off your location. People love a great photo. Take beautiful photos of your community to share across all channels with interesting comments or questions to increase engagement.
  4. Post your listings on social.  About 20% of your content online should be about your services and products. 
  5. Be helpful.  Post tips, articles, checklist and anything a buyer, seller, renter and homeowner would find useful.
  6. You LinkedIn Profile is an online resume that should be filled with recommendations from happy clients. 


So you might be thinking to yourself: how am I going to do all this social media work and be an active real estate agent? The truth is that effective social media management can be time consuming and require some strong time management skills. The good thing is that there are professionals like myself who can help you with all your Social Media Management! Email me at for a free consultation and social media audit.