SEO is no longer just about optimizing your website for Google.
It’s about optimizing your brand presence across the web.
This goes hand in hand with Social Media Management.
A well-managed social presence has become critical for businesses wanting a spot in the marketplace!


It is very important to understand who your target audience is, what information they are looking for in relation to your product or service and where they spend their time online.  Then the process for SEO can go like this:

  1. We create valuable content that our audience is searching for.

2.  We then put our SEO efforts into the channels our audience is searching.

For example:

  • Local businesses-like restaurant, hotel, salon, service (think lawn, plumbing,roofing), specialty store, or attraction- should be optimizing Yelp, Tripadvisor and Thumbtack because their audience are looking up reviews and personal experiences before experiencing or buying.
  • An e-commerce store must have their products on as many customer search platforms like Pinterest, Ebay and Amazon because they are looking for options, product comparisons and best buys.
  • B2B services or products need to connect with executives through SlideShare and LinkedIn to reach the big decision makers by providing them information indirectly.

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