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Disney World Bike Rentals:

Have you seen a Surrey Bike at Disney?The multi-person bike-like rentals roaming around are so much fun!

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we spent 4 days soaking up all there is to do at and around our hotel-Disney’s Beach Club Resort.  Read the 4 reasons you will love staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. During this fabulous hotel stay, we took the boat across the lake to Disney’s Boardwalk and rented the Old Fashioned Surrey Bike.  This was the highlight of the trip. These multi-person “bikes” are available for rental at the Boardwalk as well as  Caribbean Beach, Old Key West, Port Orleans Riverside,  Saratoga Springs,  and Wilderness Lodge resorts at Walt Disney World.

Whether you are taking a break from the theme parks one day or you are enjoying your resort, a surrey bike rental is a great alternative to the normally planned activities at Walt Disney World.


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As of July 2016, the cost for renting a surrey bike was $20.00 per half hour for the single bench bikes and $22.00 per half hour for the double bench bikes. I think this is a wonderful value for the amount of fun we all had!

Make time to enjoy activities outside the parks.

Josh and I are always up for some extra exercise, so we were planning to see how many laps we could make it around in under 30 minutes.  Note- if you are not going to leisurely ride, then wear athletic shoes.  We both had on flip flops, which Josh lost one at one point…slowing down our time! Look how nice and non-sweaty we look here…now remember this when you see our ending photo!

The kids were so excited when we put then in the front seats! I would say kids between the age of 2-6 are the perfect age for this experience because they are comfortable in those front seats and get to see everything from such a unique viewpoint.

The “driver” enjoyed this just as much as I did! There are two steering wheels but only the one actually guides the bike.  That slightly disappointed me and caused me to have some backseat driver moments. But it definitely takes both people pedaling to get up the Boardwalk hills.

Warning- Watch out for people.

Conner loved ringing the bell when people were nearby or we were at our fast speed.  Most people thought it was funny
because they both were yelling “excuse me-move out the way!”…then giggling.

It’s a workout

Our competitive nature got us 4 laps around the full cycle course in 29 minutes! Here is our after picture where we were drenched in sweat and overheated.  Which meant I needed to find a frozen drink to cool off. So we headed back to Disney’s Beach Club Resort and I ordered a mudslide!

surrey bike rental at disney world is a cheap activity review by
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Inexpensive Outdoor Disney Fun!

What fun, cheap activities have you done at Walt Disney World that did not involved going into the theme parks?

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