Our Top Family Travel Gear

Packing for family travel can be a daunting task. Packing for one is often confusing but for 4 can be downright frustrating; especially when you need stuff to get your work done, stuff to keep everyone safe and things to make it less stressful..oh year and all the necessary things like clothes and toiletries.

As frequent family travelers, we invest in practical products that will last for years and can be used in various travel situations. Though not all travel gear is needed for all trips – cruises require different packing than a road trip- it is all practical and makes traveling easier.  What we use may not work for everyone but it is a good resource to consider. We do need to carry extra electronics since we both work remotely.

 All travelers have different tastes and requirements while on the road. The travel gear list below is what we’ve found works best for our family travel.

Electronic Gear

Car Travel aka Road trips