We are planning our first glamping trip this summer. I have researched a lot about this new trend of glamping and decided to choose Westgate River Ranch Resort as our destination. There are a number of Florida glamping locations but we decided on this authentic dude ranch in Central Florida for a number of reasons.

What is glamping?

If you are not familiar with glamping, don’t worry I wasn’t either until recently. It is ‘glamorous camping.’ Instead of roughing it on the ground in a tent you have oversized, outdoor accommodations with amenities like a ceiling fan, electrical outlets, air conditioning and a mini refrigerator. So this is a perfect option for those who want to test the waters with camping but not prepared to give up some basic things. As a camping rookie and lover of luxury hotels, glamping sounds like a wonderful way to experience an outdoor-focused vacation.

My top six reasons for taking my family glamping at Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo:

  1. Unique accommodations to choose from. As much as I would love to splurge on a teepee it just isn’t in our budget at this time. However, the glamping sites are just as impressive and include a personal glamping concierge.
  2. We get to see a real rodeo. We would not seek out a rodeo as must do, but having it as part of our vacation experience will add to our first glamping experience. Each Saturday evening the Westgate Rodeo takes place with bull riding, barrel racing, and calf scramble. This is Old Florida at its best. 
  3. Adventure options galore. I am an adrenaline junkie, so having the options to zipline and bungee jump is a huge plus. The kids will watch and work on building up their courage for when they are older.
  4. Animal time at a petting zoo. My kids love animal encounters, so the onsite Petting zoo at Westgate River Ranch will be a hit. They will have a chance to spend some close time with ponies, sheep,  rabbits, llamas and more.
  5. Adventures without ever leaving the resort. The Westgate River Ranch Resort offers Airboat Rides along the Kissimmee River and dinner Hayrides out on the Florida trails. We will have so many mini adventures without having to get in the car.
  6. Good old fashion family time. We will have time to connect unplugged and surrounded by nature with walks, fishing and campfires.

Have you been glamping before? If so, what is your top piece of advice for a glamping newbie?

If you decide to go to Wesstgate River Ranch, then you will also want to plan a visit to Bok Tower Gardens and have close encounters with wildlife at Wilderness Safari