All Girls Shave Club - subscription box

Do you enjoy shaving? Is it something you love to do? Does shaving make the priority list? Do you take your time when shaving? If so, you must have already found what I am about to share with everyone else. If the answer was no then I am happy to say that a shaving club could change your answers. We all have our go-to razor (mine has to be replaced every couple of shaves and comes in a bag with 9 others). I have occasionally bought a more expensive one but not too impressed so I went back to the cheap stuff. I usually go for my husband’s razor if it is in reach because it is always so sharp and glides so easily. The razor set I am sharing with you today provides the perfect shave. Something I no longer have to push off my priority list. Check out my in-depth review below, then grab the code at the bottom to save money on your sample set. 

Mommy needs to shave – tips from All Girl Shave Club

Follow these tips for the smoothest, closest shave:

  1. Wait until the end of your shower or bath to begin shaving. This will allow your hair follicles to soften and assist with preventing razor burn.
  2. Use a moisturizing shaving butter, cream or oil.  *There’s is amazing!
  3. Find a premium razor (like All Girl Shave Club provides) so that you do not have to apply much pressure. You want to blade to glide easily across your skin.

What is All Girl Shave Club?

All Girl Shave Club is a premiere, high-quality, bi-monthly shaving subscription service designed specifically for women. The service delivers premium razors, refill blades, and luxury shaving products. Subscription plans start as low as $5 a month.

I love reading about women entrepreneurs, so of course, I wanted to learn how this new shaving club came about. The founder, Jessica Principe, had a goal of turning the chore of shaving into a treat for women. As if I needed another reason to love the All Girl Shave Club, reading her inspirational story made me have more love for this box! I absolutely love her way of summing up the “WHY?” she launched her business:

I’ll be honest, if I am running out of time in the morning and I know I have to choose between putting on make up or shaving my legs I’m 100% of the time going to choose make up. Because life is busy. We are women living in the 21st century, we pile it ALL on and are left with gigantically full plates. When you look at your overfilling plate tell me you don’t think, “eh, what’s a little leg hair gonna hurt?”

Okay, I think I have provided enough background to get your attention. Now let’s take a look at what came in the sample package.

Item #1: Razor

Goodbye, my random plastic razors—this razor is taught me that I love a nice razor. The razor really is fabulous. The handle has a rubber grip, is weighted for added control and no plastic anywhere!  You can select from a 3 or 5 blade razor.  The sample set sends 2 of each to try.

All Girls Shave Club - subscription box

#2: Razor Blade Refills

The box comes with four razor heads total (one on the razor and three refills). I am happy the sample package provides both blade heads to try out. I think I prefer the one with five blades because this razor gave a clean, smooth shave—better than my husbands’ razor! Now I need to hide mine so he doesn’t use it…hee hee!

All Girl Shave Club - subscription box

Item #3: Whipped Shave Butter in Flirty Mermaid

I received their shave butter in an awesome scent called Flirty Mermaid. I am not easily impressed with body products, but this shave butter was impressive. Maybe because it’s made with natural avocado oil and shea butter.  Or because it is enhanced with bentonite clay which apparently is what helps the razor glide so smoothly. The ‘flirty mermaid‘ scent is nice, something about the smell reminds me of a Caribbean spa! I know that is oddly specific, but it took me back to a fabulous vacation. They are not joking when they say to use just a little bit. That was hard for me because I typically need to use half a bottle of shaving cream. A little of this really does go a long way.

All Girls Shave Club - subscription box

All Girl Shave Club Item #4: Canvas Shave Tote

This traveling mom loves the shave tote. I can throw all my fancy shaving tools altogether and go! No excuse not to take this experience on the road with me. Plus, I am a sucker for a good affirmative message- makes me smile every time I see it.  If you are not ready to commit to a subscription or just looking for a cute gift for a friend then you can buy this tote in the All Girl Shave Shop (discount code at the bottom of this post).

GIVEAWAY!!!! Stroll on over to my Instagram to enter for a chance to WIN a jar of their specialty shave butter.

All Girls Shave Club - subscription box

My thoughts:

As a mom always on the go, shaving often gets knocked off my priority list. But when I do get around to it (a beach trip, party or date night bumps it up on my list) my shaving routine needs to be quick because 4 little eyes will be peeping in any minute. When I do get a chance to breath (I mean shave) I want a silky smooth, long-lasting shave, I just learned that I want a quality razor, and I don’t want to put too much thought into it. All Girl Shave Club meets all those things.

Give it a try – here’s a discount code!

All Girl Shave Club combines the convenience of a subscription service with unique and useful bath products for the goal of changing the way you look at shaving. I think you will love it, but before you subscribe just give it a try.

All Girls Shave Club - subscription box discount code

This Sample Package is available in their shop, giving you a chance to try everything before making a commitment.  And Jessica from All Girl Shave Club is kindly offering a $5 discount on this Sample Package (which includes everything you read about in this post). So if you still are not ready to commit to a subscription, try this pack first. Go to the shop here and enter CODE: ACUPFUL

Don’t forget about the Shave Butter Giveaway on Instagram! You have until February 2nd to enter!

A big thanks to All Girl Shave Club for providing the sample kit for me to review and the prizes for the giveaway. Though I had the opportunity to try out this product at no cost, my thoughts, opinions, and enjoyment are 100% my own.



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