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We enjoy working with brands of all types to deliver useful content for our readers. We are proud of our partner and clients and look forward to sharing the uniqueness of many other destinations and businesses as we grow. If you are looking for a brand ambassador, influence marketing campaign of need a freelance travel then let’s connect and see how A Cupful can meet the needs of your family-friendly brand.



What makes us different?

First, we are your consumer. We are a typical middle-class, American millenial family- dad, mom, son, daughter and dog. Secondly, we are professional marketers who not only know marketing goals but worked for over a decade in the industry on the corporate side. So we not only know what your audience is looking for we also know how to effectively tell them your message.  Mandy’s background is in tourism and hospitality and she credits her content style from her former Disney cast member days where she learned the value of sharing a message through a story. Josh’s background is in art and design. He knows the importance of having a visual design incorporated into a message. A Cupful combines the day to day life needs and wants as a young family with the expectations of a marketer.


Still not sure if we are a good fit for promoting your brand? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

There are so many ways! If you are hotel, attraction, restaurant or store within a 2 hour drive of me (I live in Fort Myers, FL), then I will come visit your property on a sunny day that works for both our schedules. I (or we as a family) will want to take a tour, experience the highlights, learn interesting facts about the business and hear about all your offerings. I take my own photography to use for publication but will be happy to share your collateral in my posts and reviews. If your business is not within 2 hours driving distance, then we need to arrange an overnight stay. I do not promote any hotel or attraction or restaurant that I haven’t personally experienced because I only use my own content and photography, plus that would be deceitful to my readers and clients.  I write a minimum of 1 blog post on the experience and 1 on the actual giveaway if given.  Then the post will be promoted on all social media channels and any forums that I am active in at the time. The post will continuously be promoted and linked to any relevant content in the future or past. (For example if you are a hotel in Miami then if I write about a nearby beach or do a roundup of hotels near the port, then your past post will be linked by saying something like “check this out for…” While I am touring/experiencing the hotel, attraction or restaurant I will live tweet and post a number of photos on Instagram.

Yes! My favorite kind of brand partnerships are those that offers a trip, tickets, special experience, product or discounts to my followers too.  This brand and opportunity will get promoted heavily on all my social media channels because they are not only lending me to experience their brand but allowing me to share the love with my readers first hand.

If it makes sense for A Cupful. If there is a brand that fits within our niche, then I occasionally accept sponsored posts. But ONLY if it’s a brand that I would truly recommend. For me to take a sponsored post, it also must have a parenting/family, travel, technology or fitness aspect to it.

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We are always excited to work with businesses to share what they can offer to our readers. We will tell your brand’s story from the perspective of a young couple with small children. We are happy to provide first-hand experiences from attractions or lodging to products and services. Let’s talk!