There is so much to do on the island of St. Croix

St. Croix is the perfect island vacation whether you want to relax in a paradise setting or to spend your days full of activity and adventure. You will have many things to do in St, Croix. Getting to places can be half the fun due to the islands terrain. From mountains to beautiful beaches, this island has a lot to enjoy.e can’t wait to go back and knock more things off our bucket list.

St. Croix offers visitors a variety of activities from hiking to scuba diving. With such a deep history there are so many opportunities to learn first hand about the roots of the island, like the Cruzan Rum Royalty. And then there is the dining. From the East side to the West side, options are plentiful. I recommend you rent a jeep if you want to expand your taste buds across all areas of the island because some are off the beaten path but worth the drive.

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Renting a Jeep in St. Croix

To take full advantage of all there is to see and do in St. Croix, I suggest you rent a jeep. The island is large so lots of ground to cover when exploring – from bumpy mountain roads to windy coastal drives. There are a number of car rental companies both local and national businesses. I really wanted to use a local company but went with the best rate, which was Hertz. I did have great customer experience with all of the listed companies.

Hertz in St. Croix is like any Hertz process I have experienced in the States. Easy to book online, paperwork straightforward and key exchange as usual. Our Jeep was in great condition. There were many of Jeep rental options but I have no complaints with our experience.

Must Do in St Croix | Caribbean vacation | A Cupful of Carters | | things to do in st croix | USVI | us virgin island vacation

Explore the Beaches of St. Croix

So many beaches to choose from. Every beach is open to the public and easy to find access spots to them. Parking is just wherever you find! We explored as many as we could in our time on the island, with so many left unexplored.

Cane Bay

This was our favorite beach for snorkeling. Not only beautiful water but full of fish, coral, reefs and such all in shallow waters. There is a scuba shop across the street along with one of my favorite meals of the week- EAT at Cane Bay.

Rainbow Beach

Beautiful calm beach. Rythmns restaurant (very good) is located on this beach making it convenient for spending a full day here. Water sports rentals are here and this is also a fabulous sunset watching location.

Carambola Beach

This beach is located at the Renaissance Hotel. Great seating, beautiful sights and some deep water to snorkel in. You can visit the beach for the day and enjoy breakfast or lunch at the hotel restaurant and bar onsite.

Must Do in St Croix | Caribbean vacation | A Cupful of Carters | | things to do in st croix | USVI | us virgin island vacation | cruzan rum tour | rum distillery

Cruzan Rum Distillery Tour

You will hear about rum from the moment you get off the place in St.Croix. So it is very helpful to go tour the distillery to hear the history behind the Rum Royalty. Plus it is a fun tour! Read more about it in our full Don’t Hurry Rum Life tour review.

Kayak the mangroves of St. Croix

We always love to add a little adventure to our trips. The Kayak Caribbean tour company offers historical, ecological and moonlight kayak tours as well as kayak rentals.

Visit the Tide Pools

If you are up for a challenging hike then head for the tide pools.  You will hike through part of the island’s rainforest and have awesome views of the  Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort. You may want to consider to find a professional tour or at least go with a group to be on the cautious side.

Take a boat to Buck Island

Buck Island is a small, uninhabited, island about 1.5 miles north of the northeast coast of Saint Croix. There is an “official” underwater trail off the east end of the island that is accessible mostly by full or half day snorkeling tours. A variety of tour companies offer day trips and sunset cruises here.

Hike to Ham’s Bluff Lighthouse

If you are looking for a short hike with incredible views, and a little history then head to Ham’s Bluff. It’s about a 40 minute hike that ends at the lighthouse.

Watch the sun rise at Point Udall

This is the easternmost point in the United States making it the first to see the sunrise. The drive to the east end of the island is breathtaking and also a little scary, but so worth it. You need to give yourself plenty of time to make the drive up hills in the dark at a slow pace if going alone. Be sure to arrive before sun rise so that you get the full panoramic experience.

Buy a hook bracelet

St. Croix is not like the island of St. Thomas when it comes to shopping. But there are two original things you should not leave the island without buying: RUM and a Hook Bracelet.

The St. Croix hook bracelets hold special crucian meaning. Each handcrafted bracelet expresses a special meaning acknowledging the connectivity in our world. If you don’t believe me, check out all the Tripadvisor reviews of this jewelry store! And I have already covered the rum (it is sold all over the island or stock up while at the Cruzan Rum Distillery Tour.)

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