Amazon Prime Pantry

I love saving money on anything, but I especially love saving money on groceries and household items. I also love not having to spend hours at the grocery store with my two kids. Since I am an Amazon addict, I was happy when the Prime Pantry was added to the Amazon Prime Membership benefits.

I love Amazon Prime! Our family will always be Amazon Prime members. The $99 membership literally saves us thousands each year. Read here to learn about about all the Prime benefits we love as a family.

Prime Pantry is one of the newer benefits that I am now obsessed with. It saves me time and money. Plus it makes grocery shopping fun! I want to share a few tips to help you get the best deal on Prime Pantry items.


What is Prime Pantry?

Prime Pantry is a service that Amazon offers. This gives you the chance to buy essential pantry items online and conveniently having them delivered to your doorstep. As you shop the Pantry, you fill your Amazon Pantry box, it tells you what percentage the box is being filled as you shop. The pantry is divided into sections and provides the same shopping experience as the normal Amazon store.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Tip 1: You can earn prime pantry credit

In order to use Prime Pantry, you must have an Amazon Prime membership. You can take advantage of a free Amazon Prime trial now.  Once a Prime member, every time you order a Prime item, you have the option to choose “Free No-Rush Shipping.” In exchange for opting out of the free two day shipping, Amazon will reward you with either a $5.99 Pantry credit!

I try to always choose the no-rush shipping option when I can stand to wait a little longer for my stuff. (I have gotten spoiled over the years with the free two day shipping) And try to place separate orders to get as many pantry credits as possible. So essentially you are making money for groceries while shopping and still getting free shipping!

save money with Amazon Prime Pantry

Tip 2: Check out the specials and coupons

There is a coupon and a deal section that changes frequently. I always look at these items first to see if there are any items I am needing that have a coupon to clip. See below. Coupons range from 50 cents to  $3.00 and some are 20%-45% off.

save money with Amazon Prime Pantry

 Tip 3: Pair your coupons and credit with free shipping offer

Amazon often offers free shipping on the Prime Pantry box if you buy five items from a group of selected items. I have always found at least five items from the qualifying list of items. This will automatically save you $5.99 on your order. This free shipping deal can be stacked with the other coupon offers and your no-rush shipping credit.

save money with Amazon Prime Pantry


I really like how I can save using Amazon’s Prime Pantry. If you are not a Prime member yet,  highly recommend trying it out during a free trial membership with Prime.  What do you think about Prime Pantry? Do you have any tips for saving money using this service?