I was chosen to host a Tryason House Party in which I received some Mudpuppy products to try. We are so happy to have been introduced to such unique and creative arts and crafts for our children!

Coloring is a fun family activity for us

We are a family of creatives. So no surprise that coloring and crafts are a big part of our family fun times. We try just about any new art, craft and coloring product to see if it is worthy to become a regular addition to our craft time.

I was introduced to Mudpuppy Children’s Craft products through Tryazon. And wow, how had I not found these products before. We had the opportunity to try the coloring rolls and the color me puzzles.

Long roll of paper = hours of fun!

Conner loves the coloring rolls. We have already placed a Christmas order for him. The rolls are 10 ft scenes of continuous coloring. It was fun to roll out across the kitchen bar and everyone grab a seat and start coloring a section. This is perfect for teaching kids to collaborate and such a fun way to create a family masterpiece!

The puzzles were a favorite! It is no secret that our daughter loves puzzles. She is actually what I call puzzle-obsessed. She will work 20 puzzles in 20 minutes and then look for more. For a two-year-old that just seems crazy to me. So she liked having puzzles that her brother colored. She scribbled on one but refuses to put it together. I guess it does not meet her puzzle-making standards. These are really cute and would be perfect for a birthday gift.

Do you have a favorite brand of crafting products that your family enjoys?


Mudpuppy coloring and craft products

*I was chosen to host a Tryason House Party in which I received some Mudpuppy products to try for free. My opinion and my kids love for the products is not influenced in any way. We highly recommend Mudpuppy products if your kids love crafts and coloring.