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Ever dreamed of putting your  detective skills to work?


If you are looking for an escape room in Fort Myers, then you will love this post. Escape rooms are growing in popularity. In case you are not familiar with escape rooms, you work with a group of people for a set amount of time to use clues to try to escape the room. These escape room experiences have popped up all over the world and most have really creative themes. I am excited that Fort Myers offers a memorable escape experience with Escape Tactics.


Pick your themed room – Now you have 60 minutes

Escape Tactics Fort Myers has two rooms year round with special seasonal rooms for limited times. You begin your experience by booking online. The online reservation system is awesome because you can see how many people have already reserved a slot in each of the rooms at the available that day. If you have a specific day, time a room you are wanting then I recommend you book early. Once your reservation and payment are complete, you will get an email confirmation with more details.

The email suggests you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows you to sign a waiver, use the restroom (remember it is 60 minutes locked in a room), put your stuff in the lockers (no cameras or phones allowed in the room) and get more instructions on how to get out of the room.

We were happy to arrive early so that we could soak in the detail. And we had an opportunity to learn more about how Escape Tactics made its way to Fort Myers. This small family owned business is a new attraction to Southwest Florida and we are so excited to add to our list of things to do in Fort Myers. Happy to hear that there will be a Christmas and Valentine theme escape room experience around the respective holiday, much like the Freak Show one taking place this month.

No photos allowed in the escape room

You will have to book a trip to Escape Tactics if you want to see what the escape rooms look like or to find out what the clues and tasks are that lead to the escape. I will say that it was fun, challenging and requires teamwork and quick thinking to get out in time. One of my favorite parts was how we were able to work so well with complete strangers to reach our goal. Within seconds of entering the room, you realize that all shyness must be set aside and you need to uncover what everyone’s strengths are to help solve the clues. Sixty minutes goes by so fast, and the clock on the wall is ticking. Don’t worry, though; you do not need any outside knowledge (other than how to use locks) to be successful.

60 Minutes Escape Room Fort Myers

After your sixty minutes is up or you have escaped, you will get to have some photos taken with many themed props to choose from. Luckily we escaped! We had a little over three minutes left on the clock when we got out of the Speakeasy. Since we did escape,we had the opportunity to sign the wall!

TIP: Check out the wall of escapees

Everyone who escapes in less than 60 minutes gets the honor of signing the wall. Luckily we got to leave our mark for the Speakeasy!
escape room in fort myers, fl - escape tactics
escape room in fort myers, fl - escape tactics
Great experience for a number of occasions: date night, corporate team building, wedding party night out, etc.

Southwest Florida often gets labeled as a city for older snowbirds with not much to do. I respectfully disagree. We enjoy living in this area and hope you find our suggestions helpful. To learn more about the Escape Tactics check out their website,




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