Painting Lulu is a series of interactive coloring books that work with a free app, and include a stylus designed for a child. This is a neat creative product that combines paper and digital to help build your kids’ fine motor skills and develop some creative focus. As a family that travels a lot, bringing tons of coloring books and crayons can get overwhelming, so this is a great fix for my art craved kids!

Painting Lulu coloring book + stylus sets

There is a selection of paper coloring books sets available at ToysRUs and Amazon including My Little Pony, DC Super Friends, Batman, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Lulu & Friends! These 32 page coloring books include beautiful images of popular characters. But once you have the app and digital crayon you can use it on any coloring sheet. Painting Lulu is the next generation of Coloring Apps! The app allows you to scan the colored pages and watch it appear in the app to continue coloring and adding to. You can also take a photo of anything (mom, dog, toy, etc) or even a selfie with your favorite character then turn it into a coloring page.

The Digital Crayon

The Painting Lulu Digital Crayon gives the child user a crayon-like coloring experience on tablets and smartphones. It is made perfectly for little hands and protects the glass on your device. This kid-friendly stylus contains no metal parts but is still rather precise in its ability to mark on the coloring pages. You  get one digital crayon when you purchase the coloring book pack or you can even purchase the Painting Lulu Crayon Stylus separately to use on the free Painting Lulu app or any digital game for that matter.

The kid experience

We had a Painting Lulu Party to have kids of a variety of ages test it out. While the 3 year olds could definitely use the app without getting frustrated it seemed best for the 5-8 year old range. They all agreed that seeing their coloring pages on the phone or tablet was neat. The digital crayon made the parents just as happy as the kids. One of my mom friends had a wonderful idea. She is going to keep the digital crayon in her purse to keep her kids dirty fingers off her phone anytime. Parents were also thrilled to learn that the app and crayon can be used for any coloring page.  All in all, everyone enjoyed this product mainly because it introduced technology using a traditional method of coloring on paper.

Need to Know About Painting Lulu: 

  • Develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination along with learning to color with precision
  • Controlled by Parents & Safe For Kids (COPPA Compliant)
  • The Digital Crayon Stylus feels natural to kids and prevents damage to devices
  • Each coloring pack comes with it’s own unique Crayon Stylus, access to the Painting Lulu App and a 32-pages coloring book
  • The Painting Lulu App contains over 100 different coloring pages 
  • Works with Apple, Android and Amazon Smartphones & Tablets

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DISCLOSURE: This post was written in collaboration with Tryazon and Painting Lulu. I received this product for free to complete this post. As always, all opinions and fun are my own and unbiased. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  All photos & video are mine and cannot be used without permission.